M.K.─îiurlionio st. 115A, Druskininkai, Lithuania


Druskininkai is the capital of wellness, recreation, active lifestyle and exclusive entertainment all year round. Everyone knows that hundred-year-old health traditions and the latest technologies, peaceful rest and frenzy of entertainment are combined here.

As the flow of tourists grows, so does the number of accommodation places in Druskininkai. The number of luxuriously equipped hotels, cozy guesthouses, and private apartments increases every year. New accommodation places are quickly discovered and filled by tourists, and their rating on the booking.com page very often reaches even 9.9 points.

During the summer season, accommodation prices range from 9 euros for a night in a tent, about 25 euros for two people for a double room without breakfast in a private house, about 60 euros for two in a three-star hotel, up to 300 euros for two people for a first-class suite with a river view, breakfast and visiting the spa area.

Accommodation options recommended by the city of Druskininkai